State Leadership

Adult Leadership
​Rev. Michael Burge
Executive Officer
Tom Stump
​ Director of Advisor Training
Russell Gillespie
​ Director of Communications
Stephen Musgrave, CPA
​ Director of Finance
State Officers
Tyler Long
State Master Councilor​​

Bro. Long was installed as State Master Councilor on July 30 of 2019 at the annual Conclave of West Virginia DeMolay. He is a Past Master Councilor of Clarksburg Chapter and a graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School.

Carson Winkie
Deputy State Master Councilor​​

Bro. Winkie was appointed as Deputy State Master Councilor of West Virginia DeMolay. He is the current Master Councilor of Clarksburg Chapter and is a Senior at Bridgeport High School.

Nick Bolyard
​ Director of Leadership & Education
Hon. Frank Haas
​ Director of Risk Management
& Legal Affairs

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